LANDSCAPING | Cedar Rapids

LANDSCAPING | Cedar Rapids


When the lawn looks pristine, it communicates to every person who attends Radiant or drives by, that God takes care of every detail of our life. This team is a ministry that honors God and communicates His purposes to our community.

The Landscaping team has two sides: mowing and plant maintenance. The mowing works together to make sure the 25 acres of lawn are kept trimmed. 


The mowing team uses the church’s tractors to keep the lawn looking great through the growing season.

The maintenance team has a variety of roles: Trimming, plant/flower/bush maintenance, weeding & trash removal. Building a team and dividing up the property keeps the workload from being too overwhelming for any person. 


The mowing team shares a rotating schedule. You can be on once a month or weekly. Most serve twice a month from April through November.

The plant maintenance team is very flexible. People can work on their own or come out and serve with others. It is expected that an area will be covered at least once a month from May through October. However, every other week is preferred.

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