New Life

Dear Friend, We are so glad you said YES to Jesus! Luke 15:10 says the Angels in Heaven rejoice when ONE person turns to God. We are also rejoicing!  We want you to start a journey with Jesus that will last beyond your lifetime. We are your biggest fans of your newfound faith in Jesus!  We would like to encourage you to keep coming to church. The Bible says FAITH comes by hearing the Word of God, so the more you learn about what the Bible says, the more your faith will grow! It is also important to be around other believers who will encourage you in your faith. The prayer team is available after each service to pray with you and provide resources for your spiritual growth. ​Again, congratulations and welcome to the FAMILY! Following Jesus is a life-long journey and we want to help you grow in your faith.  Below are a few next steps you can take in growing in your faith. Sincerely, Pastor Brian & Kristi